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June 2024 1st Financial Bank USA Financial Goals Scholarship Winner: Holt F.

July 10, 2024

June 2024 1FBUSA Scholarship Winner- Holt F.We are excited to announce the May 2024 Financial Goals Scholarship winner is Holt! Congratulations!

"I want to thank 1st Financial Bank USA for selecting me for the Financial Goals Scholarship. It is an honor and a blessing to have received this scholarship and will be so helpful as I begin my collegiate journey. I am not only committed to the financial ideals fostered by 1st Financial Bank USA, but I am also thankful to have had the opportunity to take stock of my financial worldview and priorities and commit to them as well." - Holt F.


As a student, managing your finances can be one of the most challenging aspects of your academic journey. Whether you dream about graduating college debt-free, starting your own business, or saving enough to experience a semester studying abroad, setting and achieving financial goals is important. What is one financial goal that you hope to accomplish in the near future? Why is this particular goal important to you, and how do you plan to achieve it?

"My parents have always taught me that my character is more important than any material possession or worldly success.  My grades were important, but not if I had to cheat or plagiarize to get them. Friends were important but only if they were friendships formed out of loyalty and not superficiality. Athletic success was celebrated, but only when it was hard-earned and gracious, not achieved through dishonesty or with bad sportsmanship. I point to these things to say that my financial goals are more related to my overall financial character. My primary goal financially, at this stage in life, is to learn to manage my money with good character and establish a healthy financial lifestyle so that I can live contentedly within my means, contribute to my local economy, and give graciously.

I see so many of my friends get immediate gratification of their wants.  I admit it is a struggle to want something and quell the urge to buy it or sign up for it immediately.  We have grown up in the Venmo age. We purchase things with the click of a button, swipe of a card, or scanning our phone.  It is pretty easy to lose track of what money really is and means. I think a primary cause of financial insecurity comes from urgency of spending, rather than careful planning, and from lack of appreciation of money itself. Preparing for college has helped me appreciate how those quick clicks and purchases add up.  I have had to look at my tuition for the coming year and my bank account more carefully and realize that some of those “wants” have made my long-term goals less stable.  I hope that I can take a closer look at my needs and wants and what will really foster a sense of contentment.  I have already benefited from this “taking stock” of what my means are in light of my financial responsibilities this next year.  It has helped me plan and manage how the money I earn is spent. 

Part of my financial character also involves contributing to my local economy. It is tempting to want to hop online and find the best and least expensive options, especially when you are “getting by” financially. I have found that when I manage my money better, I have more freedom to make better purchases that benefit people I know locally and are usually better made. I want to manage my finances in a way that allows me more purchasing freedom to benefit the most people.

Lastly, I want my financial health to allow me to give back graciously.  I don’t merely want to give what is leftover but prioritize giving. Establishing good financial character means planning to give philanthropically and intentionally to do the most good. Establishing good financial character is important so that I can do the most good with what I have. I plan to achieve this goal, by intentionally looking at my financial health and measuring it against these guideposts.


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